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European inspiredThere are several ways to innovate in the transformation of a garage. One can innovate using custom made cabinets or one can innovate using modular cabinets with innovative features. This is the case of Contur cabinets. European-inspired because of its curvy profiled design, hence its name, it offers advanced features never used in all-metal modular cabinets. Like an aerospace-inspired swing-up door, which swings upwards and out of the way, allowing for an unobstructed access, with integrated and concealed handle coupled with integrated finger-pull, for effort-free door opening and closing. Or drawers equipped with a gentle push-to-open-to-close mechanism. Both offering an aesthetically-pleasing contoured design that hide the unsightly cabinet frames that are commonly seen in typical garage cabinets. Available in a range of colors that gives a striking look to any garage transformation with names like Vespa Yellow, Blue Santorini or Red Cayenne to name just a few, these are intended to be better looking and better functioning than most cabinets. The residential garage design market is evolving and it is more than welcome to see the emergence of innovative products with distinctive features to offer you more solutions in line with the kind of transformation you are looking for your garage. Gone are the days where transforming a garage was to recycle old kitchen cabinets and other old metal files in search of storage. Aestheticism and ergonomics dictate the 21st century. Just think of Apple success with many of its products to be convinced. There is no reason that your garage continues to be the poor member of your home. Innovation invests itself in all parts of your home. All the more reason that it should also affects your garage.

Happy Garaging!

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