For an impeccable garage

St-Thomas-de-Joliette | GarageThis is the story of an entrepreneur couple who after having built a large additional detached garage to their house, wanted to renovate the existing double garage, this one attached to their house, to make it a more conducive space to meet their needs. Real main entrance door of the house, it had already been subject to wall covering from floor to ceiling with vinyl paneling as well as floor covering before our involvement in the project. The project was to provide this double garage with proper storage to transform it into a more practical space to accommodate the many activities of the couple. Due to its impeccable finish, our intervention, assisted with 3D design, was first and foremost to plan the space to get the most out of it. Once the concept approved, the installation work was to begin. Custom storage cabinets surrounding a refrigerator, wall organizing for bicycles, sporting goods and other long-handled tools and a series of overhead storage racks to accommodate all seasonal items to suit the season changes, helped give the final touch to this space to the full satisfaction of its owners.

Happy Garaging!

The Espace Garage Plus Team

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