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Irresistible lookCovering a garage floor with an Espazzo finish, a mix of epoxy and polyaspartic, or with porcelain tiles, gives it an irresistible look. From an aesthetic point of view, it is certainly the foundation of any respectable garage transformation while offering the potential to set the tone for what should follows. But beyond the irresistible look, our Espazzo finish or porcelain tiles also achieve two crucial objectives in the transformation of a garage: one, stopping the production of cement dust inherent to a garage floor, dust which tends to deposit itself on everything one try to arrange and store in a garage making it an irritating and sometimes risky, two, making this surface clean and easy to maintain given our four seasons, most particularly fall and winter. The steepness of the four slopes, to evacuate water in a residential garage, are more obvious in a single garage making an Espazzo finish a better choice than porcelain tiles considering its flexibility. But, when the dimensions of the garage allow for it – double, triple, etc. – the type of flooring chosen becomes a matter of taste and budget. To be noted, a porcelain tile flooring represents a greater investment than an Espazzo finish. In both cases, it is possible to integrate the covering of the base walls to a certain height and of the stairs leading inside the house or the basement. Again, the main idea behind this will of covering a garage floor is to ensure an irresistible look but mostly to encourage the owners to keep the place clean and conducive to arrange and store all kinds of items characterizing their family reality.

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