For a timeless garage

TimelessTransforming a garage implies a series of decisions. Designer as well as client must agree on the desired quality for each component of this transformation. In the garage, like in any room of the house, several different qualities of products are available. The importance that is given to a transformation, the permanence and perpetuity of it will determine the kind and type of desired product. While in some cases, collapsible cabinets assembled on site will do in other cabinets with strength, rock solidity, flawless finish and timeless look will be inescapable in view of the use and type of the desired transformation. All-steel cabinets from Rousseau are therefore inescapable. Available in eighteen standard colors, they are undoubtedly the best product available on the market in terms of storage cabinets, workbenches and tool boxes. For 65 years, these products are among the best in North America in terms of quality, durability and reliability. For example, modular drawers provide a foolproof capacity of 400lb, a 100% extension and a lifetime warranty on the bearing system. Some will be satisfy with cabinets with a fashionable and ready to throw look. Others will have concern for their investment. They will choose products that have proven themselves, resist to fading fashion by imposing a timeless style and becoming the reference in the industrial, commercial and residential domains.

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