For a tall garage

Maximized spaceContrary to popular belief, everything can be arranged and stored in a garage. As far as one has the right product. And there are several item categories that one can arranged and stored in a garage. The dimensions of these items are often directly proportional to their use. The smaller the item, the more often it is needed. The bigger or larger, the less often it is. Thus, items that are daily needed will ask for proximity and ease of access. Items that are needed from time to time may request further back storage. While items that are needed on a seasonal basis, such as Christmas decorations or camping equipment for example, can be the object of real storage. Hence the notion of seasonal item. When a garage, because of its configuration, offers height, the ceiling becomes de facto the best indicated territory for using overhead storage racks. The name says it well: overhead storage. And who says overhead storage says putting on rigid and solid all-steel platforms boxes, bins and other items that you only use once or twice a year. The higher the ceiling, the more you’ll need a good height stepladder to put and remove your items with the seasons. This is the most simple, safe and convenient way to maximize your storage space. Way better than a difficult to access and ultimately little used small attic or large wooden mezzanine.  Maximizing one storage space by benefitting from the height offered by one garage is one of the many features a well-transformed garage offers.

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