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Nun's Island | GarageThis is the story of a professional couple, and parent of a young school age children, who had long wanted to transform their garage to better accommodate the needs of their growing family. In addition, Mr. wanted to store his vintage car for winter. Like all our transformation, it was designed using 3D to allow us to take precise advantage of each and every inch available. A nook on the left side was put to good use, with custom storage cabinets, to conceal the electrical panel and other equipment for telephone and cable and a central vacuum in a ventilated cabinet specifically designed for this purpose. The two large bins for garbage and recycling were to find a place in this arrangement which was also to include a large cabinet with locks to secure, out of children’s reach, some dangerous products and include a small work area for Mr. A Gardena hose box completed this side offering a practical solution to contain the indispensable garden hose in a garage. Another arrangement on the back wall was to take advantage of an angle offered by the stairs to insert custom cabinets to maximize storage space without any compromise. Ceiling was put to good use also with a proper system to store the family’s bicycles on it. Finally, an epoxy/polyaspartic flooring seal this transformation to offer this couple an aesthetical and easy to clean surface. Every square inch was enlisted to provide optimal and detailed results in this garage while providing a convenient and airy living space. Once again, careful planning allowed for both to easily coexist. As they say, anything is possible.

Happy Garaging!

The Espace Garage Plus Team


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