For a custom garage

Custom-madeIf you are looking for a unique, customized solution for your cabinets in your garage, you should consider custom-made cabinets. Who says custom-made cabinets says cabinets specifically designed for your needs and offering a perfect fit in the desired space. When “off-the-rack” can’t do the trick, consider custom-made. Just as you would for clothing. The advantages are many. As these cabinets are drawn one by one in advance and anticipation of manufacturing, we can configure their size, their outward appearance and interior configuration depending on the use for which they are intended. Despite the fact that the brushed aluminum finish remains the most popular, you have access to a wide range of available colours allowing you to push even further the desired customization. As there is no standard in the dimensions of a garage, it is difficult even impossible to pretend solving your needs with standard solutions. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured all kinds of cabinets of all kinds of sizes and finishes to accommodate all kinds of needs, and that, in all kinds of garages. Small, large, long, wide, high, deep, etc. The complexity of the physical configuration of your garage should not be a barrier to its layout. Nothing is impossible. Rigorous measures taking, coupled with an index of all the architectural and construction features of your garage and supported by reference photos, allow us to document all obstacles and so design and manufacture a set of cabinets that will meet your needs perfectly. Let us design a custom garage for you with unlimited possibilities.

Happy Garaging!

The Espace Garage Plus Team

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