Attic ladderHave you ever consider using the attic space above your garage? A folding attic ladder could enable you to access easily and safely this non-inhabited space which could be turn into storage space. With an insulated folding attic ladder, there’s no need for installing costly and space consuming staircases. These folding ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements while maximizing ease of use and comfort.

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Garage dietCleaning the garage is for many of us a painful exercise. Some more than others are struggling to dispose of a good number of articles in all kinds of boxes as well as furniture, trinkets, etc. The reasons most often cited for not giving or throwing away what clutters a garage are the following: Read more!

TipsIn principle, the rooms of your home accurately reflect their uses although you may find that some still lacks a little something. This little something quickly becomes a big something when it comes to your garage. Here is the largest heated room in the house more or less well thought out, neglected and in a complete mess. You want to do something but don’t know where to start? Consider these few basic tips from our experts to help you get the ball rolling: Read more!

Storage spaceIn its most literal definition, a storage space is a place, usually in the house, where we store the items that we need in the course of our lives. In addition to the appliances, the kitchen is in itself a dedicated space where we put everything that is involved in preparing and serving food. Given their daily use, these storage spaces need to be practical and easily accessible at all times, and by all family members. Read more!

Custom garageWhat does “Custom Residential Garage Designer” really means? Since every garage has its own configuration, it is essential to create solutions that maximize the use of useful storage space in your garage. The ultimate goal is to make the most of every inch of storage available hence the use of custom design to achieve this. Read more!

Garage designersDon’t except a cookie-cutter approach from our experienced garage designers. They are there to listen to your needs and then create an original design that fits your garage perfectly. They don’t go into their work with preconceived notions or design agenda. Our garage designers develop a vision of what your garage could be. Their goal is to help you achieve the full potential of your garage by providing space-saving turnkey solutions to use your garage more efficiently and help you maximise your square footage in ways you may not have thought of. Read more!

Well organizedEvery homeowner should seriously stop thinking of his garage as a dumping ground for all the things he doesn’t know what to do with and start looking at this space as a useful, accessible storage area. And if connect to his home even as the main entrance.

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