A charming garage

Charming garageThis is the story of a charming couple who wanted a more appropriate layout for the double garage of their new residence. Mr. tinkering a bit, Ms. gardening like a true professional, it was important to create a design allowing a pleasant cohabitation of their respective activities.

Measurements and characteristics taking of the space and 3D modelling enabled us once again to propose a design respecting the peculiarities of this garage with his protruding foundation and other buldges on the walls. The first step was to repaint the whole garage. Task that our couple took charge of with a new palette of colors and finishes. Subsequently, the floor was covered with an Espazzo epoxy/polyaspartic finish to unify the surface allowing for easier maintenance. As we had to work in a custom fashion, given the available space and the previously mentioned characteristics, particularly exacerbated on the back wall, thermo fused melamine storage cabinets proved a natural choice. Incorporating a workbench with solid beech countertop in which had to fit a stainless steel sink and faucet and a good size fridge, this layout also provided a wall surface above the countertop to help organize the most frequently used handled tools. We completed this design with the installation of another large wall organizers surface for long-handled tools and ladders as well as a Gardena hosebox with a powerful lithium-ion battery to rewind the 115 feet long hose more easily. And that was it. In the days that followed, our couple was able to re-take possession of their new garage and personalize this new environment to perfection.

Happy Garaging!

The Espace Garage Plus team

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