(450) 818-1171 | info@espacegarageplus.com


(450) 818-1171 | info@espacegarageplus.com


(450) 818-1171 | info@espacegarageplus.com

We design and undertake complete custom residential garage makeovers in the Greater Montreal Area.

We have created Espace Garage Plus in 2006 because we saw an opportunity to reinvent the residential garage in the Greater Montreal Area and everywhere in Quebec. One garage at a time. Our name simply illustrate our willingness to ofer you more space in your garage.

The garage is the most versatile room of the house. It is the one offering the most possibilities of use. It allows parking vehicles safely from bad weather, doing odd jobs at a workbench, storing sports and gardening equipments, putting into storage seasonal items, playing ping-pong, etc. Now a days, it is the room in the house that is look upon to be actualizised the most. Reinventing your garage, is about reconciling a too often neglected space with your needs and those of your family. All garages are different. This is why a solution customized to your needs is required.

Our role is to maximize this space while using all available surfaces to give you a room specifically in line with your needs. Our solutions are mixed. Either it comes in a ready-to-install box or designed and custom made exclusively for your garage. Because reinventing suppose identifying, researching, importing or inventing new solutions, both aesthetically and practically, designed expressly for the particular environment that is your residential garage. Take advantage of our expertise and gave us the mandate of reinventing your garage. Your garage will be grateful!

All our garage makeover projects are turn key top quality realizations. Here is our 6 easy steps process:

    At this step, we get an overview of your garage, needs and budget and take measurements and photo references.
    With the help of a 3D software, we model your garage and elaborate a custom design solution based on initial conversation we had with you.
    We present to you either by email, or in person, 3D sketches illustrating our proposal coupled with our quotation which details the budget of your project.
    Following your approval, we present our service contract and take a deposit to start the ball of your project rolling. Our service contract also details work and payment schedules.
    At this step, we deploy all the various trades (carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, cement finisher, etc.) needed to upgrade your garage in planning for the installation of the various components of its makeover. It is also at this step that we order and/or custom produce the various solutions specific to your makeover.
    At the step, we deliver and install the various solutions that we have ordered and/or had custom produced according to the makeover plan that we initially proposed.